1. Our gift shop is re-open again. Please stop by after Mass.
  1. This coming Saturday, February 10th we will sing The Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3:00PM in the church. Everyone is invited.
  1. This fall (September 20 – October 3, 2018) we are planning a Pilgrimage to Greece following the footsteps of St. Paul. To see a FLYER with all the details please check the EVENTS on this webside or call Fr. Jan at 925-348-1284. You can also pick up the flyer from our church vestibule.
  1. This weekend, in all parishes across our Diocese, the beginning of the 2018 Bishop’s Appeal is being announced. But before we continue any further, let me share some good news about last year‘s Appeal. In 2017 our parishioners donated $11,800 which is 148% of our parish goal. I want to thank all of them for their participation and support.  Also, I’m passing the words of heartfelt gratitude from Bishop Barber. On January 23rd four of our parishioners accompanied me to St. James Parish in Fremont where we participated in a meeting dedicated to the Bishop’s Appeal. We’ve learned that last year’s Appeal was very successful and exceded its total goal by 11%. Because we are sharing our blessings, many good things are taking place in our Diocese: the seminarians continue their studies, different pastoral ministries and services provide their help, Catholic Schools continue their mission and retired priests receive needed assistance. This is how the Kingdom of God is being built in our midst. Last year, 75 households from our parish contributed to our huge success. Can you imagine what will happen when all or a majority of us decide to participate? We will not only meet our goal of $9,800 but also exceed it and, remember, the surplus is returned to our parish. So this year, would you consider sharing with others what God has given to you? More information and materials on the Bishop’s Appeal can be found in today’s bulletin. 
  1. In a special e-mail sent to all parishes in our Diocese, Bishop Barber’s office informs us that during this particularly heavy cold and flu season the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply to those who are ill, especially those suffering from a communicable illness such as the flu. It is a sign of consideration for others. If you do come to the church and feel ill you should refrain from partaking of the Blood of Christ from the communal chalice. You should also refrain from offering your hand to others at the sign of peace.  Also, anyone who fears infection should not feel obligated to share the sign of peace or receive the Most Precious Blood from the Communal chalice. Sacred Communion is fully received by participating in one or both species.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish

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